This Monday Learn Day will not be a long one, I swear ;-)! What we discovered this week does not need much words, yet is in no way insignificant. We stumbled upon a start-up in Contech (construction technology) called “UpCodes.” While this San Francisco based start-up only raised a couple of million dollars to date, they are bringing a very relevant product to market.

A pain that many construction companies are feeling is to stay aligned with building code requirements. What this start-up is doing is building an extensive database that contains code libraries spanning various building types and regional rules. Supported by a powerful search engine, they allow contractors and builders to do quick checkups between their BIM models and the code requirements.

In Belgium, we can also see the benefits for the building sector as building requirements and the local regulatory framework are becoming increasingly complex (not in the least in view of meeting sustainability targets). Does this mean an organization like Buildwise should reach-out to this start-up or – perhaps – develop something similar to avoid dependency on a foreign company? The discussion is out!