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Construction is one of three industries in which Nemeon has developed special competencies. No need to explain to us what “BIM” is or which ERP systems are common. We know exactly what matters to you and why. We recognize that the industry is moving fast, and that digital technology has acted as a catalyst. If you are not big enough to hire an entire data team, Nemeon has the expertise available to:

  • Assess where you are in your data maturity journey
  • Help you make better use of data
  • Build the data infrastructure and data models needed to fuel your growth
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Where we feel industry players will benefit most from our services:

Data strategy

Ask yourself the honest question: “does our company have a solid data strategy?” With this, we mean a blueprint for the coming years against which new data initiatives will be developed. In case the answer is “no”, Nemeon can help. We operate along fourteen points, including the set-up of a data inventory, a review of the data quality and the establishment of a codified data architecture.

Data visualization

While most SaaS platforms (like your ERP or accounting system) offer “dashboards” of some sorts, they contribute to the development of “data silos.” Our mission is to “break” those silos and bring data from different sources together in dashboards that actually make sense for the user. We can visualize a wide range of metrics that span different topics such as operational efficiency, environmental impact, and safety.

Data infrastructure

It still surprises us how many spreadsheets still circulate in mid-sized and large construction companies. While less visible than dashboards, data infrastructure is potentially even more important. The value of such things as a data lake or a data warehouse are often unknown or unappreciated by senior management. We – builders just like you! – would argue that this is a serious mistake. Without data infrastructure, it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to think about applications in the domain of artificial intelligence for example.

Artificial intelligence

We were “believers” before “ChatGPT” announced a new AI renaissance. We can help in various domains. Applications that hold value for construction companies comprise (the list is non-exhaustive):

  • Predictive algorithms to forecast demand and price evolution of building materials.
  • Vision AI to improve safety on the building site.
  • Improved scheduling of work.
  • Automation of quality inspection.

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