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Who we are

Nemeon is a full-service data and AI partner for SMB and mid-market companies. We assist customers with every step in their data journey. Strategically, we help organizations with the definition of their data and AI roadmap and related objectives. Once the blueprint has been made, we start building. This involves setting up data pipelines and data infrastructure, modeling the data, visualizing the data, and applying machine learning techniques.

We are a cloud-first company with a strong belief in a best-of-breeds approach to technology. That is why we specialize in industry-leading platforms such as AWS, Azure, Databricks and Neo4J. In conclusion, we have helped clients in numerous sectors including (but not limited to) logistics, construction, entertainment as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our industries

While our know-how can be of use to any organization with an ambition to make data more actionable, we have gained unique expertise in three industries: (1) logistics, (2) construction, and (3) leisure. Our insights have allowed forward-looking players in each of these verticals to revolutionize their operations, tap new revenue streams, cut costs, and elevate customer experiences. Discover how our tailored solutions drive innovation and measurable results in each dynamic industry.




We’re cloud believers who believe in a best-of-breeds approach!

This is the reason why we work with vendors that have a proven track-record. What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t “push technology.” We sit down with you and carve out the business cases together. Next, we choose the technology that best fits your needs. If your needs or tech stack are not aligned with our expertise, we’ll refer you to a network of partners that we trust.

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Listen to the collaboration with TCL (Trans-continental Logistics), a top-tier Belgian logistics company.

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Customer story – TCL

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