Our approach

A more advanced
approach to data.

What makes us stand out is not the data itself but our approach. Informed by science and fueled by industry, we don’t start from what is given but from the questions you need answered. This is where opportunities are found. Our approach stems from the most advanced data science and research available today. 

Advancing data:
making it intelligent
& useful.

Top-performing organizations base strategic decisions and related actions on data-driven insights. These are precisely the building blocks that we provide through our analysis. From the early stages of each project, we co-create the success criteria against which we will measure the outcome of our efforts.

Go straight to the
enhanced version of
your data.

We offer end-to-end data lifecycle solutions. From data discovery to dashboarding and visualizations, we have the expertise in-house to enable outcomes that meet even the most complex of needs. 

Our services


As many end-users can undoubtedly testify: how you present data will highly impact its perceived usefulness. We don’t start from the data but from the user. This perspective allows us to stand out and improve on daily processes. Expertise is key, that’s why we decided to focus on three dashboarding technologies that either lead or challenge in Gartner’s magic quadrant: Microsoft Power Bi, Tableau and Amazon Quicksight. 


The data revolution is in full swing, which implies you need experts with training and experience to extract valuable information from that raw resource. At the same time, the visualization tools we use allow end-users to experiment and tweak reports and dashboards themselves. To do so effectively, they need training. As a company, we provide in those needs. 


Some organizations need to monitor critical systems, be it from a commercial, security or operational point of view. We have monitoring services that allow for early warning in case of anomaly detection. We even go as far as making predictions based on past and current trends. 

Technical consulting

Whether you want to map your data sources, build a data lake, refine your data warehouse or build a solid cloud infrastructure to support all of the above, we got you covered. We are a cloud native company with solid expertise in AWS. 

Business consulting

With a silent wink to Simon Sinek, we definitely “start with the why.” To come with the right answers, we think it is paramount to formulate well-defined questions. Our business consultants are trained in translating your organizational needs into quantifiable parameters. As such, our work allows you to solve real challenges.  


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