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At Nemeon, we have helped airlines, tour operators, festival organizers, and other companies active across the leisure industry with their data needs. We understand how important your customers are to you, that’s why we provide services in the following areas:

  • Customer 360 projects that improve your messaging towards your key stakeholders.
  • Route optimization tooling for bus and airline companies.
  • Virtual assistants that improve the efficiency of customer service departments.
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Where we feel industry players will benefit most from our services:

Data strategy

No organization today can afford to go without a data strategy. The stakes are high, especially for b2c industries. Setting up (cloud) data infrastructure and launching AI initiatives without a plan can have dire consequences. At Nemeon, we see the opportunities but acknowledge the risks. That is why we co-create your data strategy as to align it with your business needs.

Data visualization

Excel is great but it is not a database management system nor a data visualization tool. Typically, customers in the leisure industry want to measure such KPIs as:

  • Average booking value.
  • Revenue per Available Seat Mile (RASM).
  • Repeat customer rate.
  • Average lead time for bookings.

We do not doubt that you have tried and tested software that offers some visualization features. However, this will often be limited to one aspect of your business such as payments, inventory management, tour management or booking and reservations. State-of-the-art visualization tools like Power BI or Tableau bring all your disparate metrics together in one view.

Data infrastructure

To make the best use of your data, you need data infrastructure such as database management systems (DBMS), data warehouses and data lakes. If we lost you, don’t worry, we’re happy to introduce you to this field. While we can work with “on prem” data (in case you have your own servers), we are a cloud-first agency with specialist knowledge about leading platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Databricks. 

Artificial Intelligence

While it is sometimes hard to separate hype from reality, it goes without saying that artificial intelligence will profoundly affect any aspect of our lives. The leisure industry can use technological advances in this domain to enhance customer experience, improve organizational efficiency, and cut costs. Some examples:

  • Generative AI will facilitate the creation of immersive virtual environments that can be used for marketing purposes.
  • Natural Language Processing in combination with enterprise search engines will allow for more automated interactions with prospects and customers.
  • Predictive models will allow for better alignment between supply and demand and will be crucial for companies using dynamic pricing systems.

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