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Nemeon is the data partner of choice for many logistics companies. Our specialized knowledge allows you to move forward faster. We already integrate with many industry-specific software packages such as warehousing and transportation management systems (WMS & TMS). Our approach is straightforward:

  • We determine where you are at in your data maturity journey
  • We advise on the next steps to move up the data maturity ladder
  • We help you make better use of the data you are gathering
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Where we feel industry players will benefit most from our services:

Data strategy

A lot of 3PL companies are trapped in the “motion” of everyday business. Most are digitizing fast in various sub-areas of their business. More often than not, they are doing so without a plan. The risks involved are obvious: mushrooming of “shadow IT,” missing or incorrect data, frustrations about implemented systems (“why are these expensive systems not giving us the simple insights needed to operate more efficiently?”). In short: you need a trusted and experienced data partner who understands the industry and the systems involved.

Data visualization

In our experience, too many 3PL companies are still relying extensively on excel and “gut feeling” to run their business. Some are using basic data visualization features in one of their SaaS systems (such as CRM, WMS or TMS systems). Oftentimes, our reports (or “dashboards” as we tend to call them) are true game changers. They allow the company’s management to track cost and revenue streams more efficiently, increase supply chain visibility, and allow for better inventory management.

Data infrastructure

Whether you have reporting needs or think about potential artificial intelligence (AI) applications for your organization, chances are that you will need to work with clean data. A solid modern data infrastructure will ensure you can rely on a single source of truth to fuel your business insights. We work with best-in-class solutions from top vendors like Databricks, AWS & Microsoft.  

Artificial Intelligence

Whether you are interested in optimizing warehouse operations, predicting maintenance needs on your core assets or experimenting with dynamic pricing to keep a competitive edge: we got you covered. We sit down together with you to define the business case and analyze potential technical solutions. Even if we don’t find “off the shelf” solutions, we have the necessary know-how and resources to build data products from scratch.  

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